The graduate and post-graduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) population already fails to reflect the demographic composition of the United States, but the discrepancy is further exaggerated in Science Policy, Advocacy, Communication, and Diplomacy (Sci-PACD). This lack of diverse narratives and perspectives throughout the policymaking space impedes our collective ability to be more innovative, effective, and equitable.

As part of a broader initiative toward enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM and Sci-PACD, and in support of NSPN’s core mission of catalyzing the engagement of early career professionals in policy making by fostering an inclusive community, the Lifting Underrepresented Voices (LUV) grant aims to help cultivate a more inclusive and representative Sci-PACD workforce ready to tackle the local, state, national, and international challenges of today and the future.

This grant program is intended for organizations outside of NSPN to host an event, complete a project, or undergo other activities (collectively referred to as a project) that focus on uplifting the voices of minority, marginalized, and underrepresented people in Sci-PACD. We encourage applications that cultivate data-driven policy solutions, focus on positive outcomes for students and early career professionals, and foster collaborations between minority-serving organizations and other STEM or Sci-PACD organizations. We especially encourage applications from minority-serving organizations and community groups.

Awards up to $2500 will be distributed directly to successful applicants.

Submissions are currently closed.