What are the Benefits of NSPN Membership?

Networking & Community

Formal and informal opportunities to connect with other passionate science policy enthusiasts and professionals. Share and celebrate individual and community-based policy action.

Programming & Training

Access to and participation in high-quality programs, events, tool kits, and other extensive resources focused on building science policy skills & coalitions.

Professional Development

Opportunities for growth through intentional relationships, mentorship, experiential learning, funding, and more to support the development of science policy careers at all stages.

Text overlays image of a galaxy. Text: "The biggest impact of NSPN has been connecting with science policy enthusiasts and practitioners around the country. I've made friends and colleagues with people in all aspects of science policy, at different levels of government and different levels of career" Vetri Velan, NSPN Member.


NSPN offers several different types of membership, depending on your individual career level, or educational status. It is important to us that you self-identify with the category that best suits you, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at contact@scipolnetwork.org.

Anyone getting started, just learning about science policy, or currently pursuing an undergraduate degree.
$10 /YEAR
  • Eligible for NSPN professional development funds
Anyone who is early in their science policy career. This may include graduate students, recent graduates, or other early career professionals.
$20 /YEAR
  • Eligible for NSPN professional development funds
  • Eligible to run for NSPN's early career National Leadership Council
  • Opportunities for speaking
Anyone who identifies as a bit more established in their career. This may include leaders in non profits, government, think tanks, academia and more.
$40 /YEAR
  • Opportunities for speaking
  • Eligible to serve as a science policy mentor or advisor
  • Access to talent network for professional recruitment