We envision a world where science, policy, and innovation power a diverse, equitable society and a resilient, sustainable planet.

This vision is built upon our values and requires community engagement that upholds these values. Read more about and engage with our Values, Code of Conduct, and Community Guidelines below.


NSPN values justice, diversity, equity, inclusivity, belonging, and accessibility (DEIA) and prioritizes these values throughout our organizational, work, programming, and individual actions.



This Code of Conduct is an effort to maintain a safe space for everyone, and outlines the consequences if that space is compromised. All NSPN community members are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct.



In addition to this NSPN Code of Conduct, we are outlining additional guidance for expected behavior in projects conducted within and out of NSPN’s programming as well as for committee-related Zoom events.


Accessibility, Equity, Inclusivity & Belonging, Justice & Diversity

The mission of NSPN is to catalyze the engagement of early career scientists and engineers in policy making by fostering an inclusive community, training new generations of diverse leaders, and empowering advocates for the role of science in society. Scientific and policy making institutions have historically failed to fully include diverse voices, particularly those of Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, and other people of color, often resulting in inequitable policies which have perpetuated systems of oppression including racism, classism, sexism, and ableism. Science and policy have also been used in support of these systems, yet they can be a force for transformative social change. NSPN prioritizes the values of justice, diversity, equity, inclusivity, belonging, and accessibility (DEIA) in the following ways:


NSPN brings individuals with marginalized identities into the decision making process, fully engaging and prioritizing their experience and voice. We train our members to advocate for justice focused initiatives and action. They develop skills in lobbying, policy writing and have access to resources and toolkits for change. As part of this, we consider diversity in every group we bring together and space we create.


NSPN utilizes and sustains practices and structures that ensure just, impartial and fair operations, programs, and events. We work with experts to audit, assess, and improve equitable policies and practices that govern and support our organization, our membership, and our chapters.


NSPN cultivates a positive, strong, supportive culture of passionate advocates. We create and enforce a code of conduct that keeps our in-person and online spaces safe and open. We also invest in training for our staff, leadership council, mentors, and others who interact with NSPN members in best practices for inclusivity, including group moderation.


NSPN makes skills and knowledge about public policy, government, policy-making processes, and evidence-based decision making accessible to anyone who is interested. We create and employ content, communications, and recruitment strategies that support greater accessibility for individuals from all backgrounds and career stages. We audit our programs, opportunities, communications to ensure they are, etc. accessible for all abilities and learning styles.


We are dedicated to cultivating an anti-racist environment that recognizes, respects, and supports people of all backgrounds and experience. We are committed to expanding opportunities for underrepresented individuals to have a voice and a career in science policy, advocacy, communication, and diplomacy. We believe that the full inclusion of these voices is necessary for the creation of equitable and just policies to support healthy and resilient communities and a sustainable planet. We also understand that this is an ongoing and ever-evolving process, requiring continual feedback, reflection, and evaluation from our members with the voices of marginalized individuals front and center. With the input of our early career researcher leadership council, members, and staff we are committed to advancing justice, equity, and accessibility in our organization through the following actions:

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By attending or in other ways participating in one or more NSPN activities, you are agreeing to these Community Engagement Guidelines. --- NSPN works to promote a welcoming community environment that is safe, collaborative, supportive, and productive for all, including members, volunteers, exhibitors, invited speakers and facilitators, outside guests and NSPN partners, service providers, and all participants. Every NSPN committee and program values diversity, respect and collaboration, accessibility, participation, integrity and transparency. As such, they are intentionally designed to allow people to come together, form communities, and learn and collaborate as a team for positive, productive outcomes. We therefore work to ensure these values and intentions are reflected in interactions amongst all individuals within this community space. When people intentionally or unintentionally behave in ways that make others uncomfortable, or when a situation is hurtful, exclusionary, or upsetting, there is a problem that should be addressed. To facilitate this environment, NSPN has designed an overarching NSPN Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is an effort to maintain a safe space for everyone, and outline the consequences if that space is compromised. All NSPN members are expected to adhere to this code irrespective of their level of involvement or avenue of engagement. Please refer to this Code of Conduct regarding how members are expected to interact with one another in all situations. In addition to this NSPN Code of Conduct, we are outlining additional guidance for expected behavior in projects conducted within and out of NSPN’s programming as well as for committee-related Zoom events.