The National Science Policy network undergoes a deep review of its mission and strategic priorities every 3-5 years, with a brief check-in each year between these major reviews. The most recent major review occurred in fall 2021. Our three strategic priorities are rooted in our mission to catalyze the engagement of early career scientists and engineers in policy making by fostering an inclusive community, training new generations of diverse leaders, and empowering advocates for the role of science in society. Each pillar is broken down into specific objectives and guide decision making for both new and continuing programs. You can read more about each of these pillars and their respective specific objectives below.

Fostering a Diverse & Accessible Community


Providing Training for Career Readiness


Building Knowledge for Effective Engagement


Diverse & Accessible Community

NSPN fosters community through multiple different avenues across our network from locally based chapters, to regional hubs, and other events and opportunities such as our annual symposium, happy hours, and more. We are currently prioritizing community work that is focused on inclusion and accessibility that addresses the multiplicity of intersectional identities and individuals' needs.

Training for Career Readiness

Training opportunities for careers in science policy, advocacy, diplomacy, and science communication are significantly limited and disjointed. While there are a few programs for undergraduates or graduate students who do offer training in these areas they are still few and far between. NSPN is committed to providing accessible training and connections that leave members feeling prepared and confident and are not restricted by traditional educational schedules and fees.

Knowledge for Effective Engagement

Effective engagement in science policy, advocacy, diplomacy, and science communication requires a great deal of knowledge which can vary widely depending on the specific situation and goals. NSPN is committed to making knowledge, resources, toolkits, and skills training for this work more accessible, regardless of an individuals level of experience. We work to do this by collecting resources, kits, and courses created by others and also filling in the gaps where we find them along the way.